An exercise in symmetry.

An iconic identity design for a women's luxury hand bag line. Inspired by the geometric elegance of Channel, the client asked for a symmetrical mark. Working with the initial letters of the brand name, we derived at this mark which is symmetrical and feminine. Channeling the spirit of Channel and Tory Burch.


Bold like Gold

The final result is an ornate yet geometric logo that translates well to the elegant, yet constantly changing designs of the Lena Erziak bags. The collateral system is gold foil letterpress, capturing the luxury of the bags and their thoughtful and refined finishings. The gold letterpress creates a nice texture to the collateral, evoking the soft tactility of the leather.



Collection page



On the web, we decided to keep things simple and focus on the rich details of the bag. The grid tile view, highlights the details of each purse, showing the bold and elegant personality that is Lena Erziak.