Love, design & studio projects.

In 2009, at the launch of our design studio, my business partner and I were seeking a fun way to engage with the public. We launched the project, i love you more than blank, a month before Valentine's Day and within a week we had more responses than we knew what to do with. 



As demand rose, we created a web application where users could automatically post an "i love you more than" heart. Some of the responses became so iconic that we created t-shirts, tote bags, buttons and stickers, to grow the project past the webosphere. The revenue from the merchandise funded the website for the 3 years that it ran.


Love you more than 
Free Balloons 

Valentines Day 2010, I printed 300 balloons and rented a helium tank. I spent the day on the Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco giving away free balloons to passersby. Without much of a prompt, people started using the balloons as Valentine's Day cards, exchanging them with their dates and loved ones.