The question of why


Growing up in the former USSR, my nickname was pachimushka—the why-asker. 

After reaching California in 1993, I never stopped asking. It is how I navigate through new places, new cuisines, and more importantly, new projects.

I'm a meaning maker, a visual storyteller, a strategic thinker and a UX designer. I design to bring people together, unfold essence into meaning, and create moments of laughter.

After graduating from RISD in 2006, my work has spanned the world of small studios in New York to the corporate agencies in San Francisco. Through this journey, I have dealt with challenges big and small, in print and digital. I work with clients and audiences across start-ups, fashion, finance, and beyond. Between an appreciation for strategy and a love for details, my design is driven by the challenge at hand and the team of my peers

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