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San Francisco, CA

Victory Garden NYC


The Goat + the Garden.

Victory Garden NYC is a goat milk soft serve shop in the West Village. This whimsical brand unites elements from the field and farm, with a nod to the spice shops of the Mediterranean. The logo brings together the goat, which provides the base for the ice cream, and the flowers who's natural oils are used to flavor the ice cream.


100 sq feet of research

The 3 month of research lead to this wall of inspiration–mapping the range for the identity and the defining elements of the brand story. The following images illustrate the process and reiterations the logo went through.


Putting the website before
the store

It took some time for the store to come together and open. In the meantime, the website needed to launch in order to promote the product. Without the store, we had no access to the ice cream making equipment and were unable to take images of the product. To solve for this, illustrations of the flavors, the soft serve, and the goats were drawn. These elements not only helped to bring the product to life, but also extended the whimsical and vintage flair to the web space.







We conducted a wide competitive audit focusing on the websites of specialty ice cream shops in lower Manhattan, as well as websites of other farm to table providers. Our strategy was to keep the content simple, putting the product first and letting the brand story evolve around it.