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Design + Ethnography

In 2008, my close friend (Emily Ng) and I, both coming from immigrant backgrounds, joined our skills of ethnography and design. Pulling together our general curiosities as well as our question about the purpose of life, we came up with the following 9 questions. Armed with the questions translated into Spanish and Portuguese, and two Magna Doodles, we headed off to South America.



Mutual curiosity

We interviewed friends, strangers, and new friends met along the way about the purpose and meaning of life. We wanted to build a space for mutual curiosity, healthy voyeurism, and a new mode of reflection. What began as a three month journey has since spread across 6 countries and has included 350 participants. 

At the end of each conversation, we asked the participant to draw a portrait on a magna doodle and then pose for a photo. These two magna doodles have travelled with us from South America, to Asia, and then back home.