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San Francisco, CA



Designing for versatility

A web redesign for a Soho boutique lighting design company. Our focus was to provide clear access to the CX inventory as well as a fluid shopping experience for the customer. The CX products can be customized in many different ways. The website showcases the customization, while also allowing for moments of beauty and simple inspiration.




Inspiration page


The designers and owners of the CX NY, wanted to showcase the inspiration and story behind their product. They kept their pieces of inspiration in a chest. This checkerboard view is an organized version of all of those pieces. As you hover over different labels on the left, different boxes light up.


Product detail page


There are many ways to customize a product. The individual item pages, allow easy drop downs for a full palette of customization.


Installation page


The installation section provides context for the light fixtures and inspiration as you plan for your own space.


Glossary page


Ordering lights can get technical. We provided a glossary section to visualize and identify the common technical terms used throughout the website.