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San Francisco, CA

Creators Journey


Everyone has a story

Creators Journey is a platform that brings together hardware makers to share their stories and journeys in product development. Over the course of 4 months, I worked closely with a team from a global manufacturing company to design the product and a brand for this social web application.  



We focused our initial efforts on an extensive audit to break down competitors’ user experiences and flows in order to identify niche offering. We saw a need for a platform that would promote story telling, while also supporting e-commerce. The layout of these pages focus on narrative, showcasing both the product and the creator. The pages are set up to work in tandem, shifting the hierarchy to highlight one then the other, while cross referencing both components. 




Maker page


Product page



Pivoting to stay the course

At the onset of the project, we had a much bigger deliverable in mind. Through wireframing and user tests, we were able to narrow the project to an MVP that resonated with our users. This helped us build quickly and ship to users, and to start creating a community. Below are the wireframes and mocks that got us there.